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  • Focus on what matters and keeps you moving forward
  • Faith that you are connected to a powerful benevolence


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in your life. It's the most empowering
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Is your child in need of powerful strategies and improved confidence to master life's
ever-changing demands?

Family Harmony

Do you need help harmonizing diverse personalities for optimum individual and
family success?


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    “In everything, there is a gift. No matter what, it’s there. Find the gift.” Those words from Cheryl opened new doors for me. I’ve known Cheryl for several years and she is one of the gifts in my life. Struggling with deep, ingrained old beliefs that I am not strong enough or ‘qualified’ to live the life I wanted to create for myself, I contacted Cheryl to coach me through my journey. I have grown tremendously in my confidence and have experienced insights and shifts in my life through the coaching methods she employs. Her compassion, intuitive skills and knowing when to challenge my fears have brought me where I need to be in my life. It is true that what you feel is what you live and today, I can say I feel empowered. Thank you Cheryl!!"

Lisa Kelly Writer and Consultant
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    "I really enjoyed your webinar (ADHD Symptom Relief), Cheryl. Your approach and philosophies about ADHD are so balanced in terms of science, neurology, society and psychology, and all rolled up with a strong sense of warmth and empathy. You can tell you sincerely are about helping us see the positive in our ADHD kids and ourselves – and helping the person and family as a whole. I look forward to staying connected."

    Jill Berquist, PCCExecutive Career and Life Transition Specialist

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    "I want to personally thank you for your compassion and knowledge as a professional. You have a warmth and peace about you that is contagious. I am drawn to you and feel incredibly comfortable working with you. You have a strength and energy that makes me instantly feel peaceful.
    In working with you, I am amazed at how insightful and connected you are. In a short period of time, I was able to become more self-aware and create strategies that immediately made a difference. You have touched me and made things possible for me just by expanding my perceptions and motivating me to make changes.
    Working with you is a powerful and transformational occurrence. You are one of the few people that are capable of seeing beyond the obvious and delicately looking inside to truly make an impact.
    I thank you for your time, energy, and caring. You are a blessing and what you give is a blessing. What you do give is a discovery about my true gifts which is invaluable in helping me grow and thrive. Thank you again."

Sincerely, Robin Lavitch, M.A., C.P.C. Plan-It Life Coaching, LLC
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    "Cheryl Healey is an ADHD coach and I have hired her more than once. She understands ADHD; the difference between someone with ADD traits versus actual ADHD. As a therapist myself, I am confident in referring clients to her for ADHD coaching because I know she shares a compassionate heart and offers her clients practical tools, strategies, and advice to ensure their success."

Krista H. Wells, Ph.D.
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    "There is no doubt in my mind that Cheryl has been instrumental in helping me to arrive at a satisfying place in my life. She asked the right questions and gave me the confidence to have an open mind and move forward. The paths we explored were filled with new discoveries, gratification and a little bit of colorful whimsy to add a little fun to the mix. I enjoyed the journey, learned a lot, and found some peace and joy that I thought was lost.

    To anyone with doubt and uncertainly, seek Cheryl out and let her use her magic to put you in the best place you can be."

Tracy Bryan, Palm Harbor, FL
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    "I first met Cheryl in April of 2007 and instantly connected with her. At that time, I was currently working with two different coaches and didn’t feel I needed her services. However, as I got to know her through different meetings and functions, I realized she had tools that neither one of my other coaches had.

    I am grateful to Cheryl and her coaching abilities for helping me work through a major issue that had been stopping me dead in my tracks for many years. I found peace within myself and am living the life that I was meant to live. She has a kind, compassionate and loving heart, an insight on what is needed and the determination to guide you through to the wonderful results you deserve. My life changed dramatically in just a few short weeks with her coaching skills. I will forever be grateful to Cheryl for this gift. With sincere gratitude."

Diane, Mother, Entrepreneur and Author
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    "People are brought into our lives, I believe, to help us stay on course. Cheryl, you surely have given me the guidance I was searching for. I will surely see you again."

Dee R.
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    "I've had the opportunity to work with Cheryl this summer. She has a way of helping you see into the heart of a matter, and getting you to believe that you can move yourself towards the change you want. She presents you with a mirror with low-lights and soft hues that help you see the best in yourself rather than the wrinkles. Cheryl is engaging and supportive. You'll do well in choosing her as a life coach."

Jasmine, Teacher
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    "A Coach Par Excellence! Cheryl’s insightful coaching has helped me to make some dramatic and wonderful changes in my life. I am happier and freer than ever."

MarBeth Dunn, Empowerment Facilitator
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    "My caching sessions with Cheryl began several months ago. I'm very grateful for the marked progress that I've achieved during this time. Cheryl has assisted me in finding clarity in areas of my life that have been illusive until now. This is so significant, primarily because it has enabled me to put together concrete steps to build a plan of action. What's so rewarding is that I'm fully confident that my goals are not only worthy, but most attainable. This helps to keep me focused when situations become challenging.

    Cheryl has provided me with many useful tools which once implemented have yielded positive results. I have made meaningful shifts in my thought process and by extension my family is following suit. Cheryl's warm and caring manner lends itself to open and honest conversation, often to huge Revelations. Her enthusiasm for her work is energizing. Her words resonate with me and I find myself asking "what would Cheryl have me asking myself at this moment?"

    I feel that the days of my life are no longer just passing, marking time. Instead, I'm consciously directing my life path, rather than taking what comes my way. This is very empowering and I'm very grateful."

Marty, Wife, Mom and Resident Go To Person
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    "Everyone can use a little help in all aspects of their busy lives, whether it be personal or professional. Cheryl has the unique ability to smoothly guide you over the bumps in the road, through the dark tunnel and into the light to a new and better you."

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    "Wow! What an amazing workshop. Cheryl is a great teacher."

Rachel H., Event Participant

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